Astronomy Links

Here are some astronomy links that we find useful.


astronomyLINKS™ - A directory of astonomy links categorized by subject.

Atmospheric Optics - A host of visual spectacles - rainbows, halos, glories, coronas and many more.

Heavens-Above! - all the information you need to observe satellites such as the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle.

Human Space Flight (HSF) - Realtime Data - NASA real-time data for the International Space Station and Space Shuttle flights.

Lunar and Planetary Science at the NSSDC - Planetary fact sheets and mission information. - Downloadable monthly sky maps

Sky&Telscope - Sky and Telescope Magazine - Site has some very useful interactive observing tools. -- Something Amazing Every Day - News and information about the Sun-Earth environment

StarDate Online - Stargazing tips, almanac, constellation guide and more.

Stars and Constellations - Guide to constellations, stars and Messier Objects.

Sun, Planet, and Satellite Data - Introduction to the Solar System.

The Nine Planets - Guide to the Solar System.

Welcome to the Planets - Collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.

Windows to the Universe - Great educational site.

Wisconsin Astronomy - Wisconsin astronomical events and organizations.

Your Sky - Interactive planetarium program.